How to have an environmentally friendly Halloween

With each year, the lure of Halloween seems to burn ever brighter. Shops are full of costumes, sweets, party goods and even CDs urging us to spend money on our spooky celebrations. But it doesn't have to be that way….


Rather than splashing out on a bought costume (that's usually made from non-recyclable materials) why not make your own costume from old clothes or if you really don't have anything, something bought cheaply from a charity shop or jumble sale.  You can make a pretty scary ghost costume out of an old bed sheet!


Try, where possible, to think local when you buy.  Don't forget that pumpkins are not just to decorate…you can eat them too.  Go online to find a great recipe for pumpkin soup or curry.  If you're having a party, swap disposable plates for biodegradable ones that can be turned into compost.  You could even grow your own pumpkins for next year!


Most plastic decorations can't be recycled and will just end up in landfill sites.  Why not spend time with the kids making your own ghostly garlands or spooky decorations.  You should also turn off the lights (and save money in the process) and instead make the most of using cheap candles to create your atmosphere (remember to stay safe.)

Trick or Treat

Instead of handing out expensive pre-packaged sweets (that are also bad for your teeth) why not bake creepy cookies or cakes for your visitors.  You could also give out seasonal fruit or nuts or even make toffee apples using Fairtrade chocolate.

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