Solar Photovoltaics

Solar Power is one of the most affordable and efficient energy alternatives available today.  Solar power systems are very easy to implement for the home or workplace.

Solar PV systems provide lots of energy,  helping to secure your energy supply whilst also fixing a high percentage of your power costs. You are paid for every unit your system produces whilst being able to use that energy for free.

With bills rising by an average of 10% every six months, it has never been a more important time to install a solar PV system and by doing so can freeze the cost of around 75% of your electricity bill. It has become almost vital that you protect yourself from the rises of fossil fuels.

Here are some key points we need to remember when considering a Solar PV system.

  • The cost of the systems has significantly reduced now in the region of £6500
  • Solar offers a return on your investment between 8-12%
  • The FIT tariff is fixed for 20 years, inflation linked, and guaranteed by the government

You will not find us hasseling you to buy a solar system, telling you it is the best thing since sliced bread.  However we will come and see you if you are interested in a system and give you a free quotation and design for the best arrangement to meet your needs.

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